Have you enabled Live
Tracking in your
  • Taxi Booking App?
  • Food Delivery App?
  • E-commerce App?
  • Grocery Delivery App?

Have you enabled Live Tracking in your
  • Taxi Booking
  • Food Delivery
  • E-commerce
  • Grocery Delivery

Real-Time Tracking Solutions ‘T’elivered

A coded marvel in the form of an SDK for business and personal apps to slot in Live Tracking! A simple embed and your App is all set to revolutionize a greater experience.

Unwavering Accuracy

GPS location rendering at its best! Accuracy being the most significant subject, Teliver makes sure that the dot on the map is at all times right.

End to End Solutions

Is there anything physically moving? If yes, Teliver is here to track it! Tax Bookings, Grocery Delivery, Employee Tracking – If it’s in motion, Teliver could track.

Event Notification

In App notifications to alert customers of every event involved in the transaction is enabled. A Happy customer is the one who ’Knows it all’ about his/her transaction.


pod 'teliver'
Teliver.init(withTeliverSettings: settings)

compile "com.teliver.sdk:TeliverSdk:1.0.12"

  • Swift
  • Objective C
  • Java

import teliver

let user = TeliverTracker.init(forTrackingId:"TRACKING_ID")
Teliver. startTrackingFor(user:user,withNavigationTitle: "Teliver Tracking")

@import teliver;

TeliverTracker *tracker = [[TeliverTracker alloc]initForTrackingId:@ "TRACKING_ID"]];
[Teliver startTrackingForUser:tracker withNavigationTitle:@"Teliver Tracking"];

import teliver packages

MarkerOption option = new MarkerOption( "TRACKING_ID");
Teliver.startTracking( new TrackingBuilder(option).build());

Go through our documentations for a walkthrough of the Integration.
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