Avail plans best suited for your business needs


For businesses yet
to walk


120 Trips / Month

Unlimited Users

Broadcast 2 Hours / Trip

Infinite Events

Single Tracking (1)


For businesses who
are on their feet


600 Trips / Month

Unlimited Users

Broadcast 4 Hours / Trip

Infinite Events

Multiple Tracking (3)


For businesses with
busy feet


1200 Trips / Month

Unlimited Users

Broadcast 8 Hours / Trip

Infinite Events

Multiple Tracking (5)


For businesses with
their feet in air


2000 Trips / Month

Unlimited Users

Broadcast 16 Hours / Trip

Infinite Events

Multiple Tracking (8)


It is clear that your abilities to serve people are far bigger than what we have listed above. But Teliver is all prepared to serve your needs too. Get in touch with us and help us serve you better with a custom quote that would best suit your business!

core features

Responsive dashboard

A well organized dashboard perfected for all devices.

One Click Tracking

Not a Hassle to track anymore.
Just a click and get going!

Intense Security

Data is Life and
we care of it as our own.

Highly Customizable

In-Depth customization to provide customers
the best of services.

Development Support

Our team is dedicated in solving your
issues and is just a mail away.

Event Notification

Notifications right away on devices pushed
when tracking events.

frequently asked questions

Who can adapt your solutions?

Teliver is an apt solution to businesses requiring Live Tracking Feature to be a part of their app. To name a few businesses - Food Delivery, Taxi booking, Grocery Delivery Service, Personal tracking, Logistics, Friends/Family Tracking and every single business that even remotely incorporates travel or movement.

Can I track multiple Operators?

Yes, the feature of tracking multiple operators is made available in our Paid Plans. Free plans alone are restricted to tracking of only one operator at a time.

Will the SDK provide communication between My Operator and the Customer?

Yes, Our SDK has an option which enables the operator to communicate with the Customer. With the help of Push Notifications, you can send unlimited custom actions between the two nodes which Teliver has made absolutely FREE of cost.

How long does it take to integrate Teliver into my app?

Your application will be up and running with Teliver integrated in just minutes. All essential functionalities are embedded in the SDK. Just few lines of code and get going!

I need a change in the solution to adapt my Business. Will it cost me?

Based on the requirements, our team will analyze the necessary steps required and if the adaptation is deemed satisfied; our services would be free of cost. You can

My business would require more than 1000 trips a month; What should I do?

Teliver has custom plans laid out for businesses that require more than 1000 trips a month. Feel free to get in .

I have a few clarifications on SDK, Will I get developer support?

Teliver’s entire plans list, including the free plan includes developer support for integration.

Will your Service handle my huge customer list?

We use Microservices architecture hosted on AWS that has been crafted to expand its resources automatically and serve our customers a seamless experience.

How safe is my data?

We use secure HTTPS protocol to carry your data to our servers and is made available only when there is a need from the API.