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Our entire team dwells here. This is our Social Media, Chat room, Workspace ad at times also the Complaint Board. So practically you become family once you holler us here! And you also get to have a one on one discussion with the founders.


It’s all codes here’. Geeks at Teliver live in their own world meddling with and contributing to Teliver with great coded lines. Get in touch with the brainacs and their work here. And as always, contributions are welcomed with wide open arms.


This is where we direct people towards the right direction by answering questions that relate to Teliver’s field. If you too have something that’s been bothering you about Teliver, feel free to post it and our team will be answering you.


Stuck in Integration? How do I implement Push Notifications? Your Step by Step guide to unlock the true potential of Teliver. Answers to every Teliver Queries can be found here.


This where we share everything that’s new with Teliver! Not just that, some very interesting reads and statistics too are available.

Live Chat

Well, we sure do understand the need for immediate attention!!! Our chat bubble makes sure that the next available Teliver consultant is on seat and clearing your queries.

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Is there something that requires our attention? Tickets when raised are attended at once.

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This is our Wiki! Nuff’ said!!!

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This age Entrepreneurs are much more social than one thinks and so are we. Hence, replying to your concerns right through Facebook Messenger.

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